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What is Polymer Concrete?

Polymer concrete is similar to conventional concrete in that it contains selected blends of aggregates and fillers which are held together utilizing a binder. Conventional Concrete uses a combination of cement and water for the binder.

In polymer concrete the binder is a high strength, corrosion resistant, thermosetting resin. this resin system requires a curing agent (catalyst) which when combined with the resin, transfers the resin and curing agent from a liquid to a solid (thermoset polymer) which bonds to the aggregate, various fillers and internal reinforcement.

Why iNTERpipe --

iNTERpipe was developed to meet the severe operating conditions in the wastewater industry. Traditionally, wastewater infrastructures are constructed using reinforced concrete, clay, brick and/or steel for pipe, manholes and associated structures. All of which are subject to corrosion, installation and/or maintenance problems. For many years the wastewater industry has needed a product that could combat the numerous infrastructure problems.

iNTERpipe polymer concrete products offer a solution to this need.

iNTERpipe Advantages --

Because iNTERpipe is manufactured utilizing advanced polymer concrete technology, there are inherent advantages that iNTERpipe can offer over conventional concrete and other competitive products. to make iNTERpipe more user friendly it is manufactured utilizing the standard ASTM specification guidelines for reinforced concrete.

  • Corrosion Resistant -- Because iNTERpipe is made of polymer concrete, the corrosive barrier is consistent throughout the entire wall thickness. In the even that iNTERpipe is ever chipped or marred, this corrosion barrier will remain intact.
  • Lighter Weight -- Due to the advanced strength characteristics of iNTERpipe we can produce lighter weight parts through a reduction of wall thickness - when compared with traditional reinforced concrete.
  • Conventional Reinforcement -- iNTERpipe utilizes the same type of steel reinforcement used in conventional concrete pipe manufacturing per ASTM C-76.
  • Non-porous & Non-absorbant -- iNTERpipe's dense mix design eliminates a connective pore structure. Therefore, solutions are unable to be absorbed or leached through the material. Again eliminating the need for additional coatings, liners or barriers.
  • Local Manufacturing -- iNTERpipe is manufactured in the United States. Thus, allowing for reduced freight costs and faster turnaround to the customer.
  • Technical Expertise -- With decades of polymer concrete experience, we have the knowledge to develop an iNTERpipe product to suit any need. Our engineers and sales consultants maintain close contact with a project from beginning to end.
  • Low Environmental Impact -- Due to the inert nature of polymer concrete, there is no concern for any negative impact on the environment.

    iNTERpipe Quality Control --

  • Raw Materials -- Inspection, sampling and testing of raw materials is a requirement that will contribute to a quality end product. Resin, reinforcment and aggregates are sytematically and randomly monitored to ensure compliance within Polymer Pipe and Products specifications.
  • Manufacturing -- Standardized written manufacturing procedures, detailed quality assureance records, computerized process control operation in raw materials deliver and tolerance check points assist in eliminating variables that can contribute to manufacturing error.

Testing Affiliates

  • Iowa State University Civil Engineering Department State University Mechanical Engineering Department
  • Iowa State University Nuclear Engineering Program
  • Iowa State Innovation Systems ( ISIS)
  • University of Illinois
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Houston
  • United States Department of Energy (DOE)
  • UL Laboratories (UL)
  • Lockheed Idaho Technologies Company (LITCO)
  • Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL)
  • Battelle Memorial Institute
  • Waterways Experiment Station (WES) Vicksburg, MS. United States Army Corp. of Engineers
  • Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) United States Army Corp of Engineers
  • Center for Advanced Technology Development (CATD)
  • Stork SW Laboratories – Houston, Texas
  • Stork Laboratories – Des Moines, Iowa
  • Maxim Technology Laboratory
  • Law Engineering

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