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Steel Reinforce Polymer Concrete Pipe made in the USA

iNTERpipe Manhole Structures


  • Long service life
  • Fast installation
  • No field coatings or liners applied
  • No concerns of surface preparation or weather conditions during installation
  • Rigid structures
  • Gasketed
  • Pre-cast base vs. pour in the field
  • Thick base walls to accommodate positive seal pipe to manhole resilient connectors

InterPipe Manhole Structure

Special Design also available

Precast Polymer concrete ManholeOffering monolithic steel reinforced "Complete" corrosion resistantassemblies for the following pre-cast polymer concrete manhole structures:

  • Eccentric Cone
  • Concentric Cone
  • Flat Top
  • Riser section
  • Transition Section
  • Base
  • Invert


P.O. Box 1296
Des Moines, Iowa 50305
United States Of America

Phone: 515-208-9690 or 515-208-9689

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